Communication and Stress

January 12, 2011 by admin  
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Communication is probably one of the most common activities that we engage in on a daily basis, and yet it is the one which we pay the least attention to. Misunderstandings between us and our family, friends and work colleagues is probably the most common cause of stress in our lives. These often simple misunderstanding can result in mistrust, confusion and hostility, all of which may have been avoided by clearly communicating with others.

There are a number of ways that we can communicate with each other. Our communication style can be honest, open, based on trust and well meaning, or it can be manipulative, deceptive and confusing. The way we communicate is influenced by our own personal needs in any given situation, and our overall perception of the situation we are in. We often misinterpret and misunderstand what we are hearing because we have our own thoughts happening during the conversation

Sometimes it will be a simple matter of changing the way we interact with others that will cause a significant reduction in the stress levels of both parties. It is certainly worth looking at ways that you can improve your own communication with others.

Some simple tips for improving your communication:

• Listen carefully to people, be interested in what they have to say
• Look at people when they speak to you, be mindful of your own and their cultural beliefs on eye contact
• Speak in short clear sentences
• Allow them, and yourself time for thought
• Choose the right time and place for what you are wanting to say to them
• Communicate at a time that they can be receptive to your conversation i.e. avoid discussions when they are tired or preoccupied.
• Say things the way they are, with respect to their situation

If you are able to follow these basic communication guidelines, you will surely notice a dramatic improvement in the way you perceive others and the way they perceive you. Practicing the guidelines will help you not only reduce your own stress levels; people around you will feel more confident and comfortable with you as well.

Start practicing some of the tips and see if there is an improvement in the way that you feel over the coming weeks. They are very simple things to introduce into your everyday life, buy once you start to incorporate them, your life at home and work will become much smoother. Communication with others is something that we are unable to avoid in our everyday life, it will be better for all if we learn to communicate well with each other.