10 ways To Relieve Stress

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We are all familiar with stress. Stress is a normal response to everyday life events. It is certainly believed that a level of stress is necessary to not only function in our day to day life, but that we also need stress to reach our greatest potential. The most important first step in stress management is being aware of when our stress levels have become unhealthy to us.
Once you have recognised that there is a stress overload in your life you will be able to take appropriate action to introduce stress management strategies.

There are as many ways of reducing stress as there are ways of feeling stressed. Each of us has a different personality and different physical make up. Each of us responds to stress differently. Most of us have been able to find what helps us reduce our stress levels and manage our life stresses fairly quickly. For some it might be a walk along the beach, a motorbike ride or sitting reading a book. Managing stress can include everything from a full on physical activity to sitting quietly reading or listening to music.

Here is a list of 10 ways to help you reduce your stress levels:
1. Positive self talk – helps you tap into your inner strengths.
2. Relaxation – maybe reading, dancing, fishing, give yourself permission to do something you really enjoy every day.
3. Meditation – you can go to classes, learn from a book or cd or learn with a friend
4. Aromatherapy – use the time proven gift of scents to help you unwind and relax
5. Exercise – some people find that exercising burns off the excess stress hormones.
6. A balanced lifestyle – look at your work/life balance and make the necessary changes
7. Dealing with anger – anger management is a big thing in stress management. Learn how to control those feelings of anger, and your life will be much smoother.
8. Manage your drug and alcohol intake – using drugs and alcohol will not change the cause of the stress, it often just creates more stress in your life.
9. Yoga – is a combination of both meditation and exercise which puts you in tune with your body.
10. Reflexology – for hundreds of years people have been using massage of specific areas of the feet in many combinations to help with physical and emotional issues.
One of the most important things to remember is to do what works for you. You are the only one who knows exactly how you are feeling and coping with any given situation. Understand your own management strategies, use them and know when to get help if your strategies are not working. You do not have to suffer or feel alone.

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