Using Aromatherapy Stress Relief

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In today’s fast-paced world, there is a high demand on a person’s time and physical and mental energy. Being able to stop what you are doing, sit back and just relax on a regular basis is very important to maintain a person’s wellbeing. It is not surprising that in recent years, the spa industry has grown tremendously into a multi-billion dollar business, responding to the needs of people who long for even just a half an hour of relaxation.

Spa services as well as natural stress relief therapies usually engage the different senses to calm frazzled nerves, relax tense muscles and lower heart rate in order to relieve a person from stress. Most stress relief treatments make use of the sense of touch to release stress from the body such as massage and facials.

The effects of these methods are greatly enhanced when they are performed in conjunction with aromatherapy stress relief. Engaging the sense of smell is known to have a significant impact in a person’s physical and emotional condition, which is why most spas include aromatherapy stress relief in their treatments.

Aromatherapy stress relief is a holistic approach to treating stress, wherein essential oils extracted from flowers, plants, herbs and trees are used to promote a sense of well-being in a person. These natural essential oils are proven to soothe the central nervous system. When aromatherapy stress relief is used along with therapeutic massage or acupuncture, the essential oils are applied or massaged on the skin, which also helps the hand glide smoothly over the skin. The therapist may also place the essential oils under the person’s nose to provide maximum benefits.

Aromatherapy stress relief is popular in spas everywhere but it is also separate practice of many holistic professionals. Some of the common essential oils used in aromatherapy stress relief include lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, rose, jasmine, eucalyptus, peppermint and sage.

For a quick aromatherapy stress relief, put a drop of lavender essential oil on a tissue and bring this with you. Sniff the tissue whenever you feel stressed. Alternatively, scent your work area with lavender essential oil mixed with almond oil by cleaning your desk, for example, with a cloth dabbed in the blended oils.

You can try aromatherapy stress relief on your own but you would need to learn about it first to get the most benefits. Read about this wonderful stress relief therapy. Because of its popularity, you can easily find books and websites about aromatherapy stress relief or about holistic therapies that will include a section about aromatherapy. Take your time to learn about it and start relieving stress in a natural way.

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