Physical Stress Symptoms and Their Effects

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The Mental, Emotional and Physical Stress Symptoms and Their Effects

Stress has always been known to affect the human body in more ways than one and these are divided into mental, emotional and physical stress symptoms. Mental and behavioral stress symptoms often cover the psychological effects of stress on the person who suffers from stress. Emotional stress symptoms are those that affect the human emotion or relationship related issues. Physical stress symptoms are those that affect the body and the different organs of the body.

Each of these areas that are affected by the ravages of unmanaged stress has different adverse effects on each different area and may result in a number of possible scenarios for the person who is suffering from stress. The most dangerous of these is probably the physical stress symptoms that a stressed out person encounters. The physical stress symptoms a person gains from a stressful existence may include any or all of the following: backaches, headaches, increased heart beat rate, chest pains, muscle tension, lack of sleep or excessive sleep, dizziness, nausea, muscle stiffness, muscle tension and frequent colds. These may seem rather minor to some, but if left unchecked, these physical stress symptoms may result in a person’s demise.

Mental and behavioral stress symptoms are also pretty dangerous to a person’s psyche and physique if left unattended. Some of the mental stress symptoms that may then result in physical stress symptoms include poor judgment, anxiety, indecisiveness, memory problems and loss of objectivity. This may then lead to the person eating less or more than is necessary which can then result in ulcers or obesity or high blood pressure. Other behavioral effects that mental stress symptoms can bring about include the abuse of certain substances like drugs, alcohol and the like. This can be due to lack of objectivity or poor judgment.

Emotional stress symptoms can also translate into physical stress symptoms after they have taken their toll. Restlessness, irritability, moodiness, agitation, the feeling of loneliness and finally, depression can actually result in emotionally motivated physical health problems. Ulcers can result when a person is nervous or agitated due to increased acid activity that is often the result of such an emotional reaction. Restlessness or lack of relaxation can also result in headaches due to the lack of rest and the constant activity of the brain during these bouts of restlessness. Depression can also lead to something more physical, like attempts at taking one’s own life.

All these symptoms can add up to a rather dangerous mix if a person does not know how to manage his or her stress properly.

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